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The need for stability is for many people one of the main reasons for considering a rollator. Traditionally, it has been said that width and weight contribute to stability. We think it is as much about the construction of the rollator. TOPRO’s rollators are recognised for their good stability and all our rollators are carefully checked in the test laboratory by our experienced designers, as well as tested and approved by TÜV.


A good braking system provides a feeling of stability, peace of mind and safety. The vast majority of rollators have driving brakes that are activated when squeezing the brake handles. If you want extra control over the rollator before walking, or you are missing the required reflex to react when braking is required, you should select the a rollator, which has a reverse brake system.


If you travel a lot or drive a car often, it may be beneficial to have a rollator that is easy to fold together. All TOPRO rollators are foldable and the Odyssé has a unique two-way folding, which makes the transport size even smaller.


With a basket or shopping bag it is easy to carry goods and other possessions. All TOPRO rollators come with a basket or a shopping bag included. The loading capacity varies depending on the model, from 5 to 15 kg, with TOPRO Olympos on top. TOPRO Odyssé, TOPRO Troja 2G Premium and TOPRO Olympos have lidded, removable shopping bags.


If you use the rollator everyday, you might want it to suit many different needs and situations. Then it is advantageous to choose a rollator that may be supplied with additional equipment. See our wide range of accessories on our website or in our catalogue.


Large wheels make it more comfortable driving on rough foundation, for example cobblestones or dirt roads. If you need to use the rollator a lot outdoors, we recommend the TOPRO Olympos. We offer different types of tyres for the TOPRO Odyssé, TOPRO Troja 2G and TOPRO Olympos, where some may be more suited for indoors use, while others, such as off-road wheels and studded tyres, are adapted for outdoor use.


Make sure that the rollator fits your height. A rule of thumb is that the handles on the rollator should be level to the height of the user’s wrist when the arms are hanging straight down. Most rollators come in two or three different sizes. Wide rollators can often feel more stable than narrow ones, but this also depends on the construction of the rollator. Be sure to check that the rollator is not wider than the doorways in your home. Also, consider that heavier and larger rollators may often be more difficult to transfer in and out of vehicles.


The rollator will improve quality of life and sense of independence. One should be proud of one’s rollator! This is why the design of the rollator can be important. For example, if you choose our TOPRO Troja 2G Premium rollator, you may choose from a variety of colours on the frame, as well as a matching pattern on the shopping bag.



Travel a lot and often rely on taking the rollator in to and out of a car, train or similar.

Should be lightweight, easy to fold and unfold. All TOPRO manufactured rollators are easy to fold and unfold. Many of them have a memory function in the handles that makes it easy to find the pre-set height when the rollator is unfolded. If you would like an extra lightweight rollator, we recommend TOPRO Troja Classic, while the TOPRO Odyssé is a little bit heavier but it has a unique two-way folding which makes the transport size extra small.

Use the rollator when shopping.

Should have a large and sturdy basket or shopping bag that can accommodate the weight of your goods. All TOPRO manufactured rollators come with a basket or a shopping bag with a capacity of 5-15 kg. If you shop extensively, consider the TOPRO Troja 2G Premium (10 kg) or TOPRO Olympos (15 kg), which come with a lidded removable shopping bag.

Like outdoor walks, and still want to get out into nature, but notice that lack of stability and stamina limits your opportunities.

Should have large wheels and withstand the weather. Large wheels make it easier to roll the rollator on rough foundation, for example cobblestones or dirt roads. The TOPRO Olympos is designed and approved for outdoor use, but can also be used indoors. It is made of materials that can withstand any kind of weather, and accessories are available including offered off-road wheels and studded tyres. TOPRO Olympos is currently used by many of our customers who are keen walkers.

Have many different needs and can not decide?

Be flexible. Take it easy you are not alone. For you it is important to have a rollator that can be adapted to different conditions. The TOPRO Odyssé, TOPRO Troja 2G Premium and TOPRO Olympos can be delivered with different types of wheels. Whilst the TOPRO Troja Classic, TOPRO Odyssé, TOPRO Troja 2G Premium, TOPRO Olympos and TOPRO Troja Neuro can be supplemented with a variety of accessories that will meet a variety of needs.

Customer Reviews

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We are pleased to have so many satisfied customers

“My TOPRO rollator has changed my life! I can now visit places I have not seen for many years. […] Prior to having my TOPRO rollator, I could only walk short distances, and this was with considerable pain. Now I can walk much further with confidence and greatly reduced pain …”

Mrs Verena, 2015

“I love my new TOPRO Troja 2G, it is very easy to manoeuvre and so user friendly.”

Mrs B. B., 2012

“Since my knee operation, my TOPRO rollator has been a constant companion and helped me get out and about.”

German user, 2012

“I would not go anywhere without my TOPRO rollator.”

German user, 2012

“I now feel so much more confident and independent.”

German user, 2012

“Thank you very much to the designer of my (TOPRO) rollator.”

German user, 2012

“Due to the high quality and good features of the TOPRO rollator, as well as great customer service and good advice, I would not hesitate in recommending TOPRO to anyone.”

B.K., Düsseldorf, November 2010