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Rise and recline chair

TOPRO Verona

The Verona is the most comfortable and adjustable rise and recline chair available from TOPRO.

With a dual motor, the Verona is available in microfibre in the colours sand, sahara and titan. In velour melange in the colour graphite and in faux leather in the colours slate blue and black.

TOPRO produces three chair models; Verona, Modena and Siena. Please see the table below for more information.

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Available in colours:
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Technical data TOPRO Rise and Recline Chairs

Recommended user height Approx. 165–185 cm Approx. 160–180 cm Approx. 160–180 cm
Maximum user weight 150 kg 150 kg 150 kg
Chair height 107 cm 105 cm 103 cm
Chair width 77 cm 83 cm 80 cm
Chair length, resting position 175 cm 162 cm 162 cm
Back height 59 cm 61.5 cm 57.5 cm
Seat height 48 cm 43.5 cm 45.5 cm
Seat width 52 cm 51 cm 51 cm
Seat depth 52 cm 52 cm 54 cm
Back tilt Approx. 180° (horizontal position) Approx. 158° Approx. 158°
Remote control Sit, lie, rise, foot rest, back rest Sit, lie, rise Sit, lie, rise
Motor Dual Single Single

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We are pleased to have so many satisfied customers

“My TOPRO rollator has changed my life! I can now visit places I have not seen for many years. […] Prior to having my TOPRO rollator, I could only walk short distances, and this was with considerable pain. Now I can walk much further with confidence and greatly reduced pain …”

Mrs Verena, 2015

“I love my new TOPRO Troja 2G, it is very easy to manoeuvre and so user friendly.”

Mrs B. B., 2012

“Since my knee operation, my TOPRO rollator has been a constant companion and helped me get out and about.”

German user, 2012

“I would not go anywhere without my TOPRO rollator.”

German user, 2012

“I now feel so much more confident and independent.”

German user, 2012

“Thank you very much to the designer of my (TOPRO) rollator.”

German user, 2012

“Due to the high quality and good features of the TOPRO rollator, as well as great customer service and good advice, I would not hesitate in recommending TOPRO to anyone.”

B.K., Düsseldorf, November 2010