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Easy height adjustment by turning the plastic nuts on the table legs.


Turning wheels with brakes.


Hard plastic table top, which is heat resistant to a warm kettle (but not items that are at boiling point temperature, such as pans from the cooker).


The serving table can be steamed, hosed and washed with normal household detergents.


TOPRO Butler

Practical and safe

The Butler is easy to assemble. Features include height adjustable, turnable wheels with brakes and a durable hard plastic table top. Made of polyester coated aluminium, the Butler can be hosed down.

A basket can be bought separately.

Both table top and wheels are available as spare parts.

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Technical data TOPRO Butler

Width 54 cm
Depth 42 cm
Handle height 71–102 cm
Height of table top 49–80 cm
Table top, width × depth 47 × 36 cm
Diameter wheels 8 cm
Width wheels 2.5 cm
Product weight 4.2 kg
Maximum load 7 kg
TOPRO Art. No. 814041
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0844 739 1617

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Customer Reviews

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We are pleased to have so many satisfied customers

“My TOPRO rollator has changed my life! I can now visit places I have not seen for many years. […] Prior to having my TOPRO rollator, I could only walk short distances, and this was with considerable pain. Now I can walk much further with confidence and greatly reduced pain …”

Mrs Verena, 2015

“I love my new TOPRO Troja 2G, it is very easy to manoeuvre and so user friendly.”

Mrs B. B., 2012

“Since my knee operation, my TOPRO rollator has been a constant companion and helped me get out and about.”

German user, 2012

“I would not go anywhere without my TOPRO rollator.”

German user, 2012

“I now feel so much more confident and independent.”

German user, 2012

“Thank you very much to the designer of my (TOPRO) rollator.”

German user, 2012

“Due to the high quality and good features of the TOPRO rollator, as well as great customer service and good advice, I would not hesitate in recommending TOPRO to anyone.”

B.K., Düsseldorf, November 2010